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All your purchased item(s) will be shipped from Australia or/and from Japan, depending on the timing of our activity. The shipping duration takes about the same (5 working days, more or less) and we use Australia Post / Japan Post for sending.

Please check the following table for the shipping methods and fees.

As always, if you're unsure or have special reqirements, please feel free to contact us anytime, thank you.

Shipping Fees & Charges
Zone Country/Area EMS ePacket
Zone 1 Asia AU$ 22 AU$ 10
Zone 2 United States AU$ 39 AU$ 15
Zone 2A Oceania,North & Middle America
Middle East
AU$ 30 AU$ 12
Zone 2B Europe AU$ 30 AU$ 12
Zone 3 South America,Africa AU$ 35 AU$ 15
    EMS ePacket
  Delivery Days* 5-7days 7-12days
  Tracking** Yes Yes
  Insurance Yes No


* The number of days listed in the table shows the average time required for delivery to the designated destination country or area. Please note that the actual number of delivery days may differ from that listed in the table if the article requires more time for customs clearance or the destination is in a remote area. The number listed in the table only indicates the average time required for normal delivery and does not in any way guarantee the exact number of days required for delivery. If a Saturday, Sunday, or holiday is included in the period (from acceptance to transfer and delivery) or if a delay or a cancellation occurs in a flight schedule, delivery may take longer.

** Tracking service is not available for some countries.

Zone / Country
Zone Country/Area
Zone 1 India,Indonesia,Korea,Cambodia,Guam,Northern Mariana Islands,Singapore,Sri Lanka,Thailand,Taiwan,China,Nepal,Bangladesh,Pakistan,Philippines,Bhutan,Brunei Darussalam,Viet Nam,Hong Kong,Macau,Malaysia,Myanmar,Maldives,Laos
Zone 2 United State
Zone 2A Australia,Solomon Islands,New Caledonia,new Zealand,Papua New Guinea,Fiji,El Salvador,Canada,Cuba,Costa Rica,Jamaica,Trinidad and Tobago,Barbados,Panama,Honduras,Mexico,United Arab Emirates,Israel,Iraq,Islamic Republic of Iran,Oman,Qatar,Cyprus,Kuwait,Saudi Arabia,Syrian Arab Republic,Turkey,Bahrain,Jordan
Zone 2B Iceland,Ireland,Azerbaijan,Italy,Ukraine,United Kingdom (Great Britain),Estonia,Austria,Netherlands,Greece,Croatia,San marino,Sweden,Switzerland,Spain,Slovakia,Slovenia,Czech Republic,Denmark,Germany,Norway,Hungary,Finland,France,Bulgaria,belarus,Belgium,Poland,Portugal,Macedonia,Malta,Monaco,Latvia,Lithuania,Liechtenstein,Romania,Luxembourg,Russian Federation
Zone 3 Argentina,Uruguay,Ecuador,Colombia,Chile,Paraguay,Brazil,Venezuela,Peru,Algeria,Uganda,Egypt,Ethiopia,Ghana,Gabon,Kenya,Cote D'ivoire,Sierra Leone,Djibouti,Zimbabwe,Sudan,Senegal,Tanzania,Tunisia,Togo,Nigeria,Botswana,Madagascar,South Africa,Mauritius,Morocco,Rwanda