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Frequently Asked Questions

The following points are what we've been often asked by our buyers. If our answers are not clear, please feel free to Contact Us.

About products

Q ; Your opal is looking all superb and such high quality, do you use any kind of software to alterate the finish image ?

Fortunately or unfortunately, there is not any type of Special Solution or Computerized Treatment involved on any of our product showing online. All product is photographed in our small office, under the flourescent light. Very simple and straightforward.
There might be a slight difference to what and how the colour will appear on each monitor or the browser, however many clients who received our opals will comment that actual products is just as amazing as photos ! Some says an opal is more beautiful than the photo, my satisfaction is beyond all expectations !

Q ; Is it possible to request for original photos in original size, to see clearer images of my favorite opals ?

Some clients like to see their favorite pieces from different angles and like to check all details as much as possible before even consider buying. We're more than happy to help and supply any necessary images for you in original files so please don't hesitate to ask.

Q ; The cloudy, white area / spot visible on the surface, is it faulty or not ?

It's mainly the reflection of lights so there's nothing to be worried about. If concerned, please contact us and we will take more photos from different angles, with same lights and forward more images for you.

Q ; How do I find correct size and measurements ?

Please see Catalog / item Clarification and you'll find out all.

About shopping online

Q ; Not sure how to shop through online ?

Please see Shopping information and you'll easily follow through.

Q ; How can I see the real image of my favorite opal ?

We're doing our best, by providing all necessary information, many photos and videos on the item. The video usually clears many buyers concerns. However if you're still not satisfied, please let us know, we are more than happy to assist you further.

Q ; Is it possible to reserve my favorite opal(s) ?

Yes, it is possible, but some item(s) might not be possible. Please make enquiry at anytime.

Q ; Do I get a Certificate for my purchase ?

Yes, we can provide a "Guarantee Certificate" for the item so please let us know if you need one. The Certificate will show all necessary information about the item (ie. type of opal, registered code number, origin, size, weight etc). There is no fees or charges to provide you a "Guarantee Certificate" so feel free to mention about it when you contact us.

About payment

Q ; Can I pay with credit cards ?

We accept all major Credit card, eChecks and Bank payment through Paypal. Please check with Paypal.

Q ; When is Credit Card's billing date ?

It all depends on the card issuer. Please contact your card issuer.

Q ; Can I pay by installment plan ?

We can always consider special arrangements, please do not hesitate to ask.

Q ; Is it possible to pay after the arrival of goods ?

Unfortunately, full payment must be received before we arrange shipping, thank you for your understanding.

Q ; Can you issue the Tax Invoice for my order ?

Yes, we will issue and send Tax Invoice when shipping your purchased item. Please let us know if you have special arrangement and instruction.

Q ; Is there any extra fees or charges applied to my order, besides paying for an opal ?

An additional shipping / postage and handling fee will normally be applied. Please see Shopping information

Q ; How much Tax / Duty will cost me on top ?

It all depends on the country. Please contact your local customs to find out more.

About shipment

Q ; How long does it normally take to receive my opal ?

Please see Shopping information and keep in mind that during Christmas season & New year, the delivery duration can take longer.

Q ; How do you arrange sending ?

Often, we arrange the shipping by Australia Post or Japan Post. Sometimes we send out from other countries while attending international shows.

Q ; Can you arrange sending my opal urgently ?

Yes we can. Fedex is available for an urgent shipment, however the shipping cost usually costs a lot higher. Please contact us for more information.

Q ; Is it possible to appoint the date and time for deliveries ?

Unfortunately, there is no system for national and international delivery appointing for the date and time from Australia and Japan. The sending duration normally takes 5 working days, more or less. Thank you for your understanding.

Q ; What do I do if the goods has not been delivered within a certain time ?

Please contact us and we'll guide you track down the parcel.

About returns & refunds

Q ; May I ask for refunds or exchange of goods if I'm not satisfied with opal ?

Yes, you can. Please see Refunds Policy

Q ; How do I cancel my order ?

If you let us know before we send out the goods, we can cancel your order immediately without any charges.

About our company

Q ; What does Gemstory Pty Ltd. do ?

We wholesale and export Australia's most precious opal, black opal & boulder opal to the world. Please read About our company.

Q ; Is there a retail space to visit and view all your opal ?

We do not have retail shop and mainly wholesaling and exporting our opal collection to the client (opal dealer, retailer, collector etc.). Please contact us if you're interested to see us directly or to have special arrangement


Q ; Can you design and make jewellery for me if I pick a nice opal from you ?

Of course we can ! If you could provide us some information and your thoughts in details, we could work out the design and quote for you. You can also select your favorite jewellery castings from Casting & Design. Our jewellery designer is standing by to help you.

Q ; Can you help me find out what is my opal / opal jewellery worth ?

Anything you'd like to find out on opal or opal jewellery, we are always here to talk and help. Please Contact us anytime.

Q ; I am not fully confident shopping online but very tempting. What should I do ?

We can totally understand your feeling and your fears in buying jewellery online. In fact, many of our client make their decisions after few attempts in visiting our website or emailing us couple of times, before they place orders. Please remember that we're here for you. We provide as much information as possible and happy to give you more photos and videos if you require one. Don't be shy, relax and talk to us.

Q ; How can I visit opal fields in Australia ?

If the timing is right, we can arrange a special Mining Tour for you. Often, we're in overseas attending opal shows and some other events, but let us know early by writing, we might be able to take you to the mining area with us.

Q ; I am interested to work for Gemstory Pty Ltd. Would you employ me ?

We have to clear your VISA STATUS first, please write to us privately.

"Thank you" and we hope to hear from you !!